Could Your Pool Area Benefit from a Shade Structure?

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Being able to dip into a pool while the sun blazes down is a great way to refresh yourself. However, although the water may cool your body temperature, it can be misleading. The sun's rays are just as harmful when you're sitting inside cool water and may even cause more problems. If you're yet to do so, it may be worth exploring whether your pool area could benefit from a shade structure.

Exercising at Any Time of the Day

Although swimming in the hot sun may feel comfier than other forms of outdoor exercise, you're still at risk of sunburn. Between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm, the sun's rays are at their strongest and emit more UV than other times of the day. This means you're experiencing more of them. With greater UV exposure, you're increasing your risk of skin cancer in the future. You may also be diminishing the effects of your sun cream. When you add a shade sail to your pool you can swim at a time of the day that's convenient for you without worrying about burns.

Giving Your Skin Greater Protection

Even if you're not using your pool for exercise, you may feel like dipping into it when the weather is especially hot. As water can reflect the sun's rays, you're still exposing several areas of your body to UV even if you're feeling cool. Don't be fooled into thinking clouds give you protection either. UV rays can make their way through the clouds and cause damage. If you add a shade structure to your pool, you can use the water to cool off without worrying about UV exposure.

Increasing Accessibility for Children

Depending on your child's age, their skin may be thinner than yours and still developing. However, as any parent knows, a lot of children love to splash around and play in the water. Adding a shade sail means you don't need to restrict your children to specific times of the day. As a result, they can spend time playing without you having to worry about burns too much. This can be particularly handy for children who have fair skin and are more susceptible to the sun.

If you choose to add shade structures to your pool, make sure you focus on those that offer UV protection. You should also look at whether you'd prefer them to be retractable, or whether you want to position them so that they add shade only at certain times of the day.