Tips for Planning a Custom-Built Walk-In Wardrobe

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Rather than making do with an outdated, cramped wardrobe, you could build a custom walk-in wardrobe. Here are several tips for the planning phase.


The floor plan is the first thing you must decide for the new walk-in wardrobe. You will need enough aisle space as well as a storage area. If the room is narrow, you could design a straight-line layout with the cabinetry on one wall and the aisle on the other. Alternatively, you could create an L- or U-shaped wardrobe if you have more room to play with. To make the best use of the space, extend the storage to the ceiling and use the top spots for things you rarely use. A step ladder can help you reach them.

Personalised Storage

A prebuilt wardrobe designed for the average person is typically inefficient, as many people will not conform to that standard. Because of this, hanging space may take up the full height of the wardrobe when it's not needed, and space will be wasted in other ways.

However, if you design your own storage, you can personalise it. If you only hang shirts and skirts, you can build two hanging rails at the top and the middle. You could create a narrow, full-length hanging section if you have a few long coats or dresses.

Before you plan the design of the wardrobe with builders, go through your clothes and decide what specific shelves, drawers and racks you need. If you have a lot of jewellery, you can plan storage for that.

Efficient Storage and Access

An advantage of building a new wardrobe is that you can take advantage of modern storage options. You could fit adjustable shelves that you can move rather than fixing them in place. Or else, you could opt for pull-out shelves that make the back items accessible. Open shelving and wire baskets will allow you to see everything so that you can use the storage effortlessly.


The lighting in custom-built walk-in wardrobes is important to prevent these small rooms from feeling like a cave. A series of recessed ceiling lights look sleek and don't take up space. This kind of lighting can also be calming, as each globe may be soft because several are scattered over the ceiling. If you have a lot of room, you can make a statement with an attractive pendant light. Remember to install a full-length mirror to check whether what you're trying on works.