Two Signs That a Retractable Awning Is the Right Choice for Your Patio

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There are many circumstances in which retractable awnings are more suitable for patios than their immoveable counterparts. Here are some signs that a retractable awning is the right choice for your patio.

You keep lots of potted plants on your patio

If you like to decorate your patio with potted plants, then an awning that you can easily retract might be the right option for this area, as this could make it easier to keep these plants safe and healthy. Whilst you may, for example, want some shade on your patio whilst you're sitting out on it and drinking coffee or reading a magazine, you'll need to expose this area to the elements when you're not on it in order to keep the plants healthy.

For example, if you have an awning that you can retract, you won't have to remember to manually water the potted plants in the patio area as much. When the awning is retracted, they'll benefit from any rainfall that occurs. Likewise, being able to keep the awning rolled away when you don't need to use it will mean that your potted plants will be regularly exposed to the sunlight they require for good health.

You can also keep the awning unrolled on windy days to provide your plants with some protection from high winds. This is particularly important if your plants are in breakable clay pots that could shatter if the wind were to blow them over.

You use your patio for lots of different activities

If you only ever used your patio for one or two activities (like reading and dining, for example), then you might not get much use out of a retractable awning. However, if you use your patio for a multitude of activities, you'll likely find an awning that can be retracted more useful than one which is immoveable.

For example, for activities like sunbathing and outdoor DIY that require a decent amount of light, you might prefer your awning to be rolled back so that your patio can be drenched in sunlight. Conversely, on the days when you're sitting outside with sun-sensitive friends, dining al fresco when the sun is at its strongest or trying to get fresh air without getting too much sun exposure, you would probably appreciate having an awning that can provide a cooling, protective shadow over you whilst you are doing these activities. In short, if you use your patio for a variety of activities, you'll probably appreciate the versatility of a retractable awning.

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