Bathtub Ideas for a Luxury Bathroom

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Some modern bathrooms eliminate the tub altogether, but soaking in a bath is the ultimate luxury. It's an ideal way to relax your muscles and wind down after a busy week. A bathtub is therapeutic in that sense. Consider the following ideas for incorporating one in your bathroom.

Freestanding Baths

Rather than a built-in bath, you could install a freestanding model that's not set within the tiling. These come in many shapes and contours, some curved and others with straight lines and square profiles. You could install a traditional tub that sits on claw-feet legs, raising it off the ground. Because you can see the floor space around and sometimes under the tub, your bathroom will feel more spacious. Built-in baths, conversely, sit within tiles that conceal the floor area, making the room feel smaller. Because freestanding tubs aren't hidden, you can appreciate their contours. You can see their outer wall and clearly defined shape, not just the bath's inner lining.

When planning the placement, don't prioritise the bathtub's look over the experience of bathing. A bath may look stunning centred in a room, but would you feel comfortable in such a position or would you prefer a more secluded nook for bathing? You won't need a tiler to encase a free-standing tub, but you'll still a plumber to construct the pipes and connect the water.

Sunken Baths

Another possibility is a sunken bath set into the floor — like a built-in swimming pool is immersed in the ground. This will give your bathroom a luxury feel, especially if gorgeous tiles such as travertine cover the floor and walls. Your bathroom will appear larger as the room won't have to accommodate an aboveground tub that takes up air space. To decorate your private oasis, add some potted plants to the room or place the bath adjacent to a massive window that looks on a private courtyard garden. You'll feel as though you're bathing outside.

Shower-bath Combinations

If you don't think you have space for a tub, why not combine the shower and bath during your bathroom renovations? You could create a modern look by installing sleek glass screens on the tub to create the shower area. You won't have to worry about ugly curtains that could get mouldy. You could connect a fixed screen only or a combination of a fixed panel and a hinged, swinging one. That way, you'll have a stylish shower and bath combination, and you'll save space.

To learn more, contact a contractor that does bathroom renovations.