Two Signs That You Should Opt for Shutters Rather Than Venetian Blinds

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If you've decided that you either want Venetian blinds or shutters in your home, here are two signs that you should pick the latter.

Your home's windows are open almost every day

If you and the other occupants of your home prefer to keep the property's windows open when any of you are inside it (because, for example, you live somewhere hot or because the property gets quite damp and needs to be ventilated), then shutters might be better for your home than Venetian blinds.

The reason for this is that if the windows throughout your property are ajar almost every day, then you may find that Venetian blinds, which hang loosely from the headrail to which they're connected, will move with the wind that comes through these open windows. This may result in the blinds not providing privacy on windy days (as gusts of wind will briefly push the blinds off the recess and leave the room and the people inside it exposed) and banging quite noisily against the window sill and the windowpane as they're moved by the wind.

If you want to ensure that when your window dressings are closed, you have total privacy, or if you would find the aforementioned noise irritating, then you should get shutters. Because these are secured to the window via a frame that surrounds the entire window, they won't lift up if a breeze passes through the open window, which means they'll still give you privacy in these conditions and won't cause any annoying sounds.

Your decor tastes don't change very often

If there is a certain type of decor that you like and you never really deviate from this decor style, then shutters would be better for your home than Venetian blinds. homeowners often choose Venetian blinds for their windows because they are easy to change. If a person decides that they'd prefer grey slats to white ones, they can detach the blinds and hang up the replacement ones in just a few minutes. Whilst you can, of course, replace a set of shutters, this task is more involved than switching out Venetian blinds and is usually a job best done by a contractor.

However, a pair of loose-hanging Venetian blinds that are easy to detach will also be decidedly less hardy than a pair of shutters, which are tightly bound to a secure frame around the window. As such, if you think it's highly unlikely that you'll want window dressings in a new colour or material in a year or two, and you would like these dressings to last for years, you should buy shutters.