Security Door Options to Consider

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If you are upgrading your security system for your home, you may be considering a security screen or security door option. These types of doors can help secure the home from break-ins and can help deter would-be robbers. If you have never looked into security doors before, you may be wondering what kind of options are available. Here are a few of those options and what you need to know about each one. 

Speakeasy Door

When many people think about security doors, they think of something that is somewhat industrial and has no special features. The truth is, many security doors do have options that are not industrial and can add to the appeal of the door. One of those options is a speakeasy door. This is a small door where a peephole would normally be. You can open the door easily from your side to not only see who is there but to talk to them without opening your door. This keeps strangers away and keeps you safe. 

Traditional Wood Designs

Traditional wood doors are something that you may not think are available for security doors. Many companies are now developing security doors that are made of solid wood and have a very traditional door look to them. This means you can have the security of this type of door while not sacrificing the look of your home and giving an industrial feel to it. The companies making the whole wood door options also offer various types of wood in solid wood slab door designs. 

Thermal Barriers

The security issues you are trying to solve with this type of door should not be limited to break-ins. You may also have fires or other similar issues that can put you in danger. Some security doors have an option that offers a thermal barrier. This gives you a safety zone from fires and can be ideal if you are putting the security door near a garage where a fire could possibly break out and move to the rest of the home. 

When you are ready to buy your security doors, and screens if you feel you need them for your windows, contact your local home security consultant. They can guide you to the best options and help you with options that work directly with major home security and alert systems as well. If you have specific questions or concerns you can discuss them during your phone consultation.