Why You Should Replace the Insulation in Your Older Home

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If you have just moved into an older home that is in some need of renovation, you will want to prioritise your work. In an ideal world, you should calculate the benefits first to determine the value for money in each case. For example, what can you do to bring down the cost of energy and to reduce the size of your carbon footprint right away? Why not look upwards and think about retrofitting your roof insulation as a priority? What is involved here, and what can you gain?

Upgrade and Efficiency

If nobody has touched the roof insulation since the day it was first installed, you can be sure that it has passed its better days. Modern materials will be much more effective, and if you live in a part of the country that can experience harsh winter weather, you will do even better.


Ceiling insulation is manufactured in carefully designed sections known as batts. They are typically formed to take into account the way that a typical home is constructed and to cater for the gaps in between ceiling joists. These batts come in several different forms, and the most popular are made from glass wool. This is effectively recycled glass that has been broken down into tiny particles and formed together to provide great thermal insulation. They are also quite easy to handle for those who want to DIY.


Some types of insulation are designed to reflect the radiant heat which can build up during the height of an Australian summer. This insulation is contained within a reflective foil coating and could be a choice in your case.


Each product is marketed according to its R-value. This determines its level of efficiency and will tell you how much it can save you on that power bill.

Remove the Remnants

Before you start, you should climb into the loft area to have a look at your current installation. You will probably find that it is somewhat mouldy or may have come away from the rafters and you'll be better off removing it rather than trying to put the new insulation on top.

Safety First

If you do decide to tackle this job yourself, make sure that you wear safety gear, including a dust mask and eyewear. Some products can be rather itchy, especially the glass wool solution.

Expert Help

If you want to avoid all the hassle, however, you will be better off calling a roof installation service. They will make sure that they install the batts correctly and get rid of the unwanted remnants.