What Are the Benefits of Underfloor Heating?

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When people build new homes these days, they are increasingly turning to underfloor heating instead of traditional pipes and radiators. This is because in-floor heating systems offer certain advantages over various other methods of keeping a house warm. If you are planning on a new build project or you are simply extending your house to make it larger, then why would you consider underfloor heating?

Simple and Straightforward

To begin with, floor heating is relatively easy to install when you are putting up a new building. Generally speaking, it sits underneath your screed floor so it is installed as you get to the point of running other services in, such as electrical cables or water pipes, for instance. That said, it can also be retrofitted, so it is worth considering in-floor heating if you are renovating your home, such as fitting a new kitchen, for example. Because it is relatively simple to fit, you may find that underfloor heating offers better value for money — in terms of the initial outlay that will be required — than a conventional central heating system.

Feel Warm Throughout Your Home

When you have floor heating, all of your rooms are warmed up in one go. If you compare this to a central heating system that relies on radiators, then you will immediately notice the difference. Most boiler-run central heating systems make one part of a room warm while another remains cold. This is not the case with in-floor heating systems, however. This fact alone makes underfloor heating preferable, but it is especially beneficial if you have a larger room to keep warm or an open-plan style of house. Such architectural styles are great for your lifestyle, but they pose a problem for conventional central heating systems which rely on radiators.

Heating Efficiency

Because heat rises, underfloor heating makes a great deal of sense in terms of energy efficiency. To put it simply, when you warm the floor of your home, the rest of the air above gets heated in a uniform manner without a lot of thermal losses. With radiators, of course, you can end up heating your walls and losing heat through your windows. However, with an in-floor heating system installation, you will notice the difference when you walk over it. In addition, you will find that your heating bills will usually drop significantly, something that makes underfloor heating an environmentally responsible choice.