Why Should You Use Window Locks With Concealed Fixings?

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All windows locks work in much the same way. You use a key to unlock and lock the window to make it more secure. While any lock gives you protection against break-ins, you can boost security even more by installing locks that have concealed fixings. So what are the benefits of using these window locks over regular ones?

An Extra Security Level

Regular window lock fixings are visible. You, and anyone looking through the window, can see them. While some thieves may be put off trying to break into your home when they see the lock itself, others know that the lock's fixings are a way of bypassing the lock. If the thief has a screwdriver, they can simply break the window and unscrew the lock's fixings. The lock can then be pulled off, so the thief can open the window from the inside to get into your home.

If you use concealed window locks, the fixings are hidden within the lock itself. A thief may know they are there, but they can't see them. Even an experienced thief, who recognises the lock and knows where the fixings are, may be deterred from trying to break in. Getting to the fixings to unscrew them adds to overall break-in time. Most thieves want to get in and out of a property quickly without being seen. The longer it takes a thief to be get in, the more chance there is that someone notices them messing with your window and calls the police.

Tip: Never leave a key in a window lock, even in upstairs rooms. Keys are an invitation for a thief to break the window and reach in to open it.

A Sleeker Look

Window locks with concealed fixings don't just have security benefits. You may simply prefer the way these locks look on your windows. The metal fixings on windows locks stand out, especially if you have white windows and a white lock. If your fixings aren't hidden, then the screws or bolts are really obvious visually. If you want the locks to blend in, then concealed fixings give a more streamlined look.

Fixings aren't the only thing to think about when you choose window locks. For the best overall security, you need locks that work with your window style and usage needs. If you've not bought these locks before, then talk to your local locksmith or home security provider. They will help you pick the right model and style and can also install locks for you.