Is It Time to Replace Your Indoor Blinds?

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Indoor blinds are useful for controlling incoming light, achieving privacy and protecting your windows. Selecting the right type of blinds can make your home feel comfortable and welcoming.

However, many homeowners install blinds as a one-and-done deal. If you don't regularly maintain your blinds, you should consider giving them a closer look. Damaged blinds can make your home less comfortable and even pose a safety risk to young children.

If your blinds have any of the following characteristics, consider having them replaced.

1. Poor light control

Blinds should be able to block out harmful UV rays from the sun. This often allows you to clearly see your TV screen or computer display. Blinds should also allow you to take an afternoon nap without straining under bright lights from the outdoors.

If you notice that the fabrics in your blinds are letting in too much light, it may be time for a replacement. For example, warped blinds, frayed edges, or discoloured fabrics may all result in poor light control.

2. The lift cord is broken

Blinds also undergo normal wear and tear over time. In some cases, the lift chord may break (or become frayed) and prevent you from effectively opening/closing your blinds.

Replacing a lift chord often involves taking out the entire blinds from the window. Instead of this lengthy process, you should consider installing new blinds that give your windows a fresh look.

3. The slats don't close tightly

If your blinds use slats (such as venetian blinds), you may notice that the slats don't close tightly. Loose or warped slats are not effective at blocking incoming light or providing privacy to your home. Consider replacing blinds that have loosely fitting slats.

4. They don't match your home decor

If you recently purchased new furniture or remodelled your home, you should also consider upgrading your blinds. Older blinds may not match the décor of your new household items, thus causing the windows to have an unfavourable contrast.

In addition, the new look of your home may require an upgrade in style. To accompany new furniture, Roman shades or panel blinds may be a better fit for your home as opposed to the classic Venetian blinds.

5. Loosely hanging chords

If you have young children in the home, loose chords from blinds can be a strangulation risk. Children may be tempted to play around with loose chords and harm themselves in the process. Consider replacing loose chords with roller shades, cordless shades or plantation shutters.