A Guide for Renovating Your Bathroom

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Having a beautiful bathroom is an important feature of any home. You want it to feel clean and relaxing. If you would like to remodel your bathroom, there are a number of steps that you can take. These range from small changes, to budget-friendly or more high-end purchases that can make a huge impact on the aesthetic of your bathroom.


There are a number of options for bathtubs, varying from low budget to more expensive selections. The cheapest bathtubs rest in tiled hobs, more costly options will offer smoother designs, and there are also freestanding bathtubs available. The materials of higher end bathtubs range from resin to stone and metal.


A budget-friendly toilet tends to include a cistern attached to the wall which is connected to the rest of the toilet. Another option includes a toilet where the cistern is placed above the pan. The end range of toilets generally comprises of a cistern hidden inside the wall, with just the buttons visible. The cistern can also be placed to appear as though it is hovering above the ground.


Taps can either be bought in sets of a hot tap, a cold tap and a spout or as a combined set. If you purchase a combined tap which attaches to the wall, you should ensure that the quality is sturdy enough to last long-term as if the wall is tiled, you may need to replace the tiles in order to attach a new tap.


Budget-friendly basins are typically suspended from the wall and usually have an absence of storage to their smaller design. Another type of basin is the slimmer, semi-recessed which is essentially a bowl in front of the mirror. These basins are a good option for smaller bathrooms. The last type of basin can be placed below a benchtop. This would be great for a minimalist interior. If you choose this basin, your tap will need to be added to the wall or the bench.


Traditionally, ceramic tiles are the most inexpensive type of tile. More expensive options include coloured tiles, graphic tiles, stone tiles and mosaic tiles. If your tiles are made of natural stone, they will need to be regularly sealed in order to protect from staining.

Smaller changes

If you do not wish to buy entirely new facilities, then there a few smaller items that you can purchase to make your existing bathroom shine. This can include a new toilet seat, shower screen or vanity.

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