New Kitchen Design: Should You Install Hardwood Flooring?

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The flooring material that you choose for your new kitchen plays a critical role in determining the overall style and feel of the room. You need a material that blends seamlessly with the rest of the fixtures and decor in the kitchen. Now, one of the most coveted flooring materials in modern kitchens is hardwood. Wood is beautiful, classy, and timeless. While other materials go out of style over the years, wood remains stylish and will go well with most kitchen designs. However, how do you determine whether it is the best option? Here are three things to think about before investing in hardwood floors for your new kitchen.

Project costs

If you are on a tight budget, the cost of materials will always be a significant factor in the design process. Hardwood floors tend to be quite costly due to various factors. One, the wood itself is expensive as compared to other materials such as vinyl and cork. Also, it attracts higher labour costs as the contractor has to sand and finish the wood on-site before installation. Natural wood also requires acclimatization to avoid problems in the future due to temperature fluctuations. However, hardwood is an extremely durable and elegant material to choose for your kitchen. So if cost is not an issue, don't shy away from using it for your kitchen.

Maintenance factor

Hardwood floors require proper maintenance to preserve their beauty and extend their durability. Wood is particularly vulnerable to spills as it tends to soak up the fluid and swell or crack. So if you live in a household that doesn't pay immediate attention to spills, you may opt for a different material. You can also choose to up your maintenance game and ensure that any food and liquid spills are cleaned immediately. Vacuum your floors regularly as well. If a portion of the wood gets damaged, you have to replace it, and this will cost you.

Texture and hardness

Wood flooring is definitely softer and warmer than materials such as tile and concrete. However, some wood species may feel hard against your feet. Before investing in hardwood, think about the kind of feel and texture that you desire as you step on the floor. Do you want it to feel as soft as vinyl and cork or are you comfortable with the hardness? If you are not okay, consider going for soft timber such as Douglas fir or yellow pine. You can also place rugs strategically around the kitchen to make the floor feel softer and warmer.

Hardwood is an excellent flooring material for the kitchen, but you have to consider these issues before committing to it. Work with an experienced designer to come up with a practical and custom design that meets your needs.