How to Add Personality and Style to Your Home's Custom Cabinets

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If you're getting custom kitchen cabinets made for your home, you don't want to waste the chance you now have to add some personality and style to that room. Cabinet makers can usually add lots of unique details or use unique materials for those cabinets and their accessories to ensure your kitchen looks its best and is a good fit for your own personality. Note a few tips on how to add personality and style to your home's custom cabinets, and then discuss these choices with your cabinet maker.

Add mesh behind glass doors

For something very rustic, use glass fronts for the cabinets and then add mesh behind the glass. Mesh is often used in country homes where wood might be scarce, so adding mesh to your cabinets can make them seem very casual, while also breaking up the look of wood cabinet doors. Mesh also comes in a wide range of patterns, so you can choose something very busy if you want to hide the dishes in your cabinets, or you can choose a more open mesh for a simpler design.

Black and brass

If you want a very strong and bold look to your cabinets and like the look of antiques, opt for black cabinets with brass hardware. Black metal with brass hardware was a very popular combination for kitchen appliances many decades ago, so bringing in this look with your cabinets can add personality and a very unique charm to your kitchen.

Bold colours

Having all your new cabinets painted a bold colour might overwhelm your kitchen space, but a cabinet maker can easily add just a few splashes of a bold and unique colour to the cabinets. For example, you might have the back of the cabinets painted deep blue, turquoise or even black, and then add glass doors to the front of the cabinets. Your dishes will help obscure the colour somewhat, but it will still peek through for some fun style!

Mix the materials

Another way to add personality to your cabinets is to mix the materials of the cabinet and drawer fronts. You might opt for standard wood cabinet doors, but then have your drawer fronts covered with a metal sheet. You can do the same for the cabinet doors; choose a few that you'll cover with a metal front, or have the doors made from a metal grille or thick mesh to break up the look of all that wood and add lots of personality to your space.