Three Sheets To The Wind: The Advantages Of Choosing Shade Sails To Shelter Your Beer Garden

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Few things are as welcome on a hot summer's day as a frosty mug of beer, and if you run a pub a beer garden can be a great way to draw in thirsty customers during the hottest part of the year. However, you can't leave your customers unprotected from the sun's harsh rays if you want them to stick around for longer than one or two drinks, so any beer garden should have some kind of shade-providing shelter installed.

While free-standing gazebos and more substantial verandahs made of plastic or metal are popular choices, many pub owners are turning to shade sails to protect their customers from the sun's uncompromising glare. These practical and distinctive sails have a number of advantages over other methods of providing shade in your beer garden.

What are the advantages of choosing shade sails to shelter my beer garden?

Unique looks

Once erected, shade sails have a distinctive and thoroughly modern look that can be very eye-catching, particularly if you choose coloured fabric or plastic for your sail. This distinctiveness can be particularly attractive for beer gardens located at the front of your pub, drawing in customers with their promise of shade.


Shade sails are much simpler than gazebos, verandahs and other shade-providing structures, and this simplicity translates to low purchase and installation prices. Shade sails are particularly useful if you have a large beer garden to cover, as they provide large areas of shade at a much lower cost than other shade-providing structures.

Simple to erect

This simplicity also makes shade sails comparatively easy to build, and smaller sails can be erected by two or more people with minimal mechanical aid. Larger sails may require more workers and equipment to construct, but they are still far simpler and faster to erect than other options. Since shade sails can be erected on uneven surfaces safely, they also require minimal ground preparation before construction can begin.

Wind resistant

Unlike their nautical namesakes, shade sails are designed to channel wind rather than catch it, making them an excellent choice if your beer garden is located in a relatively windy areas. They are far better at withstanding winds than gazebos and other fabric shade-providing structures.

Safe in rainy conditions

If you choose a shade sail made with waterproof plastics or coated fabrics, it can also provide excellent protection against rain showers and the occasional summer thunderstorm, allowing your patrons to keep drinking whatever the weather. The unique, slopes shape of a shade sail also prevents rain from pooling on the sail, a common problem with fabric gazebos.