5 Interior Designer Tricks That Will Make Your Small Bathroom Seem Larger

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Unfortunately, bathrooms can often be a lot smaller than what people imagine is ideal. This is true of both modern properties and those that were built in the last few decades. Unless you want to spend a lot of money on a bathroom extension, there isn't a lot that you can do about the amount of available floor space you have.

However, you do have the ability to add features and fittings to your small bathroom that can make the room feel lighter, brighter and more spacious. Here are five tricks that interior designers commonly use for creating the illusion of space that you can try in your bathroom.

1. Use frameless shower screens

In a small space, avoid any items that are unnecessary to keep the room feeling airy and open. Frameless shower screens are a perfect example of how you can have the fittings you need without boxing off a part of the room or interrupting the line of sight through the space.

2. Stick to a light colour palette

Although there's an emerging trend for dark, rich colours in the bathroom, you should avoid them in a small room. Light, neutral colours create the illusion of space, while dark colours do the complete opposite. Light-coloured tiles, wall paint, and flooring and ceiling materials will open up the space and maximise the natural light in the room.

3. Add a wall-mounted vanity

Wall mounted vanities are excellent for making a small bathroom feel larger. A wall mount preserves the amount of open floor space which is both a physical and visual way to prevent clutter. Opt for a vanity with a shallow depth and a streamlined profile to enhance the wall mounting.

4. Consider the way your tiles are laid

Tiles provide another great opportunity to trick the eye into thinking a room is larger than it is. If your bathroom is fairly long but has a low ceiling, lay the tiles in a vertical direction to lengthen the appearance of walls. If your bathroom is tall but narrow, lay them in a horizontal pattern to add visual length to the room.

5. Keep lighting simple

In a small bathroom, you should avoid any dramatic or statement lighting that will encroach on the limited amount of space you have available. Simple strip lighting, recessed roof lights or lights that are set behind the vanity area are a great way to have adequate light that's unobtrusive and streamlined.