How to Add Privacy and Style to an Outdoor Deck or Patio

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You can't enjoy an outdoor deck or patio if you always feel like you're being watched by your neighbours or if those same neighbours are noisy, have a very unattractive space that is close to yours, or are otherwise irritating for any reason. The good news is that you don't need to buy a new home to enjoy your outdoor space, as you can add privacy and style to any outdoor deck or patio with just a few simple touches. Note some suggestions you might consider for your home's exterior.


Shrubbery is a good way to block the view of the neighbours and to add a natural touch to your own space. However, be careful of the bushes you choose, as not all of them will grow to be thick and full, for the privacy and sound blockage you need. If you want to plant something close to your property's fence, consider lilac, red holly or laurel. These bushes all fill out and become very thick and dense. If you don't want to actually plant shrubbery, use outdoor planters in which you can grow thick bushes. Try brugmansia, which is like a short but thick tree, or boxwood, which is a thick shrub that can be trimmed to just about any shape.

Stand-alone fountain

A stand-alone fountain is a great choice for adding privacy to a space, as it not only obscures the view, but also drowns out sound! Take actual measurements of the space where you want to add some privacy, and ensure you choose a fountain that is tall enough and wide enough to fit. Opt for a style that works well in the patio space, either something very stark and modern or more natural, and ensure you properly protect the electrical cords for the fountain as well.

Privacy screens

Privacy screens come in a wide range of styles and materials, and these can be stand-alone, or they can be affixed to the home and anchored into the ground. A louvred privacy screen can offer the most flexibility and control over the sunlight and air you get into the space, as you can open the slats when your neighbours are not in their backyard, or close them when you need to block the view! You can even opt for screens that are solid at their lower half, with louvres at the top half, to help block bothersome wind that might make its way to your seating area while still allowing you the flexibility of those movable slats.