4 Documents Custom Homebuilders Should Show You

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It may not be easy for an inexperienced person to select a custom home builder from the dozens that may be available in his or her area. However, asking the builders that have applied for that project to furnish you with some sample project documents can ease the task of selecting the best contractor. This article discusses some of the sample documents that you should ask for.

A Sample Contract

Ask the custom home builders to give you samples of contracts that they sign with their clients. Those sample contracts will give you an idea about the different methods that the builders prefer for their compensation. For example, one builder may prefer to be paid in advance. Another builder may require all payments to be made by credit card instead of bank transfers. Those contracts will enable you to select the builder whose terms suit your needs.

A Sample Budget

You should also request those builders to give you samples of project budgets. Those samples should be accompanied by explanations regarding how monthly bills may be tracked before payments are released. For example, one builder may provide a budget that calls for monthly payments after a surveyor has confirmed that a monthly milestone has been attained. You will be able to use this information to select the builder whose sample budget convinces you about the attention to detail that he or she puts into the projects.

A Sample Construction Schedule

Another helpful document is a sample construction schedule. This document spells out how long each phase of the project will take. It also gives information about some crucial decisions that have to be made by the homeowner at the different stages of the construction project. Select a builder whose schedule addresses your needs. For example, will you be able to provide adequate funding within the proposed timelines?

Sample Warranties

It is also helpful for you to examine the warranty that the different builders provide for the different systems in the homes that they build. Select a builder who offers the most extensive warranties for each aspect of the project. Such a builder may be more competent than another who provides a limited warranty for his or her work.

You are likely to select the best custom home builder if you base your selection on the documents above. Take the added step of talking to other current or past clients of that builder so that you can confirm that the builder puts into practice what the documents you reviewed suggest.