How to Brighten Every Room of Your Home

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A dark and dim home without much natural light is not very welcoming and inviting, but installing new windows can be very expensive. As an alternative, note some simple decorating tricks and tips that can brighten up any space of your home, bringing in more light and making a room seem lighter and more cheerful.


Use mirrors as you would artwork on the walls; place one perpendicular to a window for added sunshine, or place it across from a light fixture to reflect that light. Any size or style of mirrors you add to a room can easily bring in lots of light and brightness.

Lighter floors

If a room has a dark floor, cover it with an area rug in a light colour. Area rugs in the kitchen and bathroom can cover an old, outdated, dark tile, and also offer a bit of traction underfoot. A light-coloured area rug in the living room can also offset dark and heavy furniture, and cover a dark carpet or timber flooring.

Upgrade the lighting

Note your lamps and other lighting fixtures in a dark or dim room. Small table lamps do little to illuminate a large space, so invest in floor lamps that you can put in a corner. Add small spotlights that can sit on the floor behind a plant, illuminating it from behind and keeping that part of the room from becoming overly dark. Add another spotlight meant for artwork under any type of art behind the sofa, as this will also help to illuminate that wall and keep it from looking dark and dim.

LED lighting

LED lighting has the benefit of not generating any heat, so it can be used in places where standard light bulbs may not work. You can also purchase LED strip lights to illuminate large and wide spaces. Add this type of strip under the upper cabinets in your kitchen for added illumination even when the overhead light is off. Run a strip of this lighting along the top of a bookcase or entertainment centre made of dark wood, so that the timbre doesn't make the room seem overly dim.

LED lights can also be added to the back of the shelves on such a unit, to illuminate your decorative items. You can also run this type of lighting strip up the side of a staircase, to keep the stairwell from looking overly dark and to increase safety when using the stairs!