Like Modern Styles? Look for These Features in Your Next Recliner

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Traditional recliners are comfortable and inviting, but if they don't match the style in your home, you may be looking for something more modern. Luckily, traditional recliners are not the only option. You can find all kinds of modern alternatives. Look for these features.

1. Leather Upholstery

Skip the fabric, and opt for leather. That creates a sleek look that matches the rest of your furniture. Leather recliners also seem to be a bit more pared down than their upholstered counterparts. That's ideal if your place is a bit small.

2. Discreet Footrests

With modern recliners, you don't have to opt for the traditional footrest that springs out from the chair on a series of metal brackets. Instead, you can opt for a more discreet look. In particular, there are recliners that come with ergonomic footstools. Those match the look of the reclining chair, but you can hide them in the closet if you like.

Alternatively, you can get rigid leather flaps that basically fold beneath the seat of the modern recliner. Then, you pull them out when you want to stretch out.

3. Exposed Frames

Why tuck the frame behind lots of fabric and cushions? Modern recliners are all about transparency. Consider looking for a recliner with an exposed frame. Lightweight frames are the most popular. You can chose a cool metal design or design with wood such as birch.

Consider an exposed base stand, wooden arms or whatever design you like.

4. Knobs

Traditional recliners rely on levers to pull out the footrest, and you use the weight of your body to push the chair into a reclining position. Even those features have been upgraded with many contemporary style recliners. Instead, you may want a knob to control the footrest and a separate set of knobs or controls to adjust the backrest, manage the lumbar support or make other adjustments as offered by the chair.

5. Extra Features

Finally, look for a few finishing touches with your recliner lounge. You may want memory foam cushion construction, a 360-degree swivel, or a head rest. You may want to add extra technology such as a massaging element or a heated seat. If you have issues getting out of the chair, there are even recliners that can help to propel you into a standing position. If you just want to be able to relax more, you may want a cup holder or a spot to put your TV remote control.