Answering Some Questions Many People Have About Pet Doors

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A good pet door is a must-have for any pet owner, as these allow your pet to go outside and relieve themselves when you're not home, without the inconvenience of you having to constantly open the door for them when you are home. Anyone with an indecisive pet who stands at the door, neither coming nor going, or who wants in and out constantly can attest to how frustrating it is to not have a pet door! If you're thinking of having one installed in your home, note a few questions many people have about these doors so you can determine if they're a good choice for you and your pet.

Can they be put in a glass door?

Pet doors can usually be put in glass doors, but note that toughened or safety glass is very thick, and a pet door installer may not be able to cut through it. Instead, you might ask the installer the size of the hole that's needed in the door, and then have a glass cutter cut that hole for you. The pet door installer can then put the door into that opening.

What about unwanted visitors?

It's not unusual for small wildlife to get into a home through a pet door; raccoons especially can be very bold and will follow the smell of food or garbage through a pet door. A very flimsy door might also be opened by snakes, lizards, scorpions and the like.

To avoid this, consider a security door that locks. These doors work with a sensor and a small chip on a collar your pet wears. When your pet gets near the door, the sensor will communicate with that chip and unlock the door. Once your pet scampers away and the chip is out of range, the door locks in place, keeping out unwanted visitors.

Can humans get through them?

Along with wildlife, you may be worried about a person squeezing through the pet door, or reaching through to a door lock. This is especially worrisome for those with larger pets, who need a bigger pet door to accommodate.

To avoid this, choose a pet door that locks, as mentioned above, and opt for a model or style that is very thick and heavy so that it's virtually impossible to pry open. Adding a deadbolt or chain to the door if it doesn't have these already installed can also increase security. These are both usually placed above the doorknob so that they're out of reach of potential intruders.