4 Tips on Updating Your Home's Window Treatments

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If there is a room in your home that seems a bit bland or outdated, you can try to redecorate the entire space with new paint, furniture, and floor coverings, but this can get very expensive. Instead, consider the window treatments in the room; if they're outdated and dull, they can make the entire space seem outdated as well. Old, dingy curtains, or boring white shutters that are no longer stylish, can make an entire room seem just as dingy. Updating those window treatments is an easy way to make the whole room feel updated, giving it a pop of colour and style. Note a few tips on how to update your home's window treatments for a fresh look in every room.


Buying new curtains that resemble the old ones won't give a room an updated look, so consider how to choose a fresh new style of curtains for the space. One suggestion is to change the material. Heavy drapes can make a room seem overly formal, so switch to a lighter cotton or linen material. Cotton curtains can still block light and insulate a room, but without seeming as heavy as velvet or wool. You might also go from thick and wide drapes to slim curtain panels, which take up far less space and don't need to be tied back on either side.

Consider, also, that an outdated pattern can make a room seem old and dingy, whereas plain curtains with no colour or style can be very dull. Choose a new pattern that suits you and the room's decor, such as a wide horizontal stripe, or a strong shade of brown, green, or grey for an modern look.


Shutters can be a very good choice for small rooms without much space for curtains, but if your home's shutters are a bit bland, consider painting them. Going from a boring white to a nice russet red, or even a bold black, and make the room seem updated and modern, and make those window treatments stand out.


Roller shades are also good for more compact spaces, but if your home's shades are dull and boring, replace them with fabric shades that have a pattern. Geometric prints are good for a modern home, or you might choose stripes to make the space seem wider or taller. You can also install a motorized controller from a place like Somfy, allowing you to open those shades to just the right height for letting in maximum sunlight, or for showing off the pattern on your new window treatments.