How to Renovate a Kitchen on a Budget

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Renovating a kitchen can actually increase a home's resale value, and make the kitchen space seem cleaner and brighter overall. However, if you're on a strict budget, you don't need to give up your renovation plans, but simply make some adjustments for how you'll improve the kitchen's appearance, storage, and function. Note a few tips you might discuss with your contractor so you get a great new kitchen at a price you can afford.

Use paint

Rather than buying new kitchen cabinets, repaint the ones you have; you can even use a spray paint meant for metal and repaint the handles and knobs of the doors and drawers. This can give cupboards and drawers a fresh new look for far less money than replacing all those pieces. Waterproof paint can also be used to hide water stains on the walls and ceiling, so you don't necessarily need to tear out those materials and replace them.

Knock back shelving areas

If your kitchen lacks shelving, you may not necessarily need to add a costly new pantry. Instead, your contractor may be able to cut out wall areas to create built-in shelves between wall studs. You can use these exposed shelves to store attractive dishes and glassware, freeing up cupboard space for food items and unsightly small appliances.

Cover the surfaces

Rather than installing new, expensive granite, check on a granite overlay. This is a thin piece of granite that is cut to fit over your current benchtops; it's less expensive than a solid slab of stone and avoids the expense of tearing out your old materials. An inexpensive splashback material, such as stainless steel, can be cut to fit over stained or dingy walls behind the benchtops. This is also less expensive than tearing out those walls and installing new drywall.

Hide your items

Don't assume you need to increase a kitchen's footprint for added storage; for example, you may not need larger benchtops to hold all your small appliances, but an appliance garage, which is a tall and narrow set of cabinets meant to hold toasters, crock pots, and so on, can get your kitchen organized and clear the current benchtop space.  Creating shelving and cupboards in the bottom of the island currently in the kitchen can clear its surface, so you don't need a bigger island installed. Discuss how to create better storage with your contractor rather than assuming you need to actually expand the kitchen with a costly renovation.