Anti-Green Thumb Gardener? 3 Outdoor Plants That Thrive On Neglect

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Most people enjoy having a beautiful and green outdoor space to spend time in. Some people adore gardening and spend a lot of their free time tending to their precious plants. Others enjoy gardening but don't have the spare time to dedicate as much attention to their garden as they'd like. Then there are the people who love the idea of a verdant garden but hate gardening and have killed every houseplant they've tried to nurture.

If the latter description sounds like you, then you may have given up all hope of having an attractive and healthy garden. However, all is not lost. Here are three outdoor plants that are so hardy that they thrive on neglect and will help you create the ultimate anti-green thumb garden.

1. Mother-In-Law's Tongue

As the name would suggest, this plant is tough, spiky and almost impossible to get rid of once planted. It will thrive in pots on a patio or in dry, shady areas of the garden that other plants find inhospitable. Despite the name, it's actually a very attractive plant, with sculptural, vertical leaves in bright and sunny green and yellow.

Mother-in-law's tongue works well when planted in clumps in barren areas. In time, they'll spread out and provide a dense ground covering. They also look great when planted along the bottom of a bare fence or wall because they provide a contrasting and eye-catching feature.

2. Succulents

Succulents are a lazy gardener's dream. They thrive in the sandiest and most nutrient-

deprived soils and are equally happy in pots on a deck or patio. Once planted and watered in, you won't even need to remember to water them. They get all the moisture they need from atmospheric water and the occasional shower of rain.

Succulents are tough, but they're also very beautiful. With their plump, round leaves and aesthetically appealing geometric patterns, they will give your garden a contemporary and cosmopolitan look that suits any style of garden or house type.

3. Agapanthus

This gorgeous Australian native plant looks very dainty and delicate, but underneath the prettiness lies a hardy plant that is far tougher than you imagine. Having evolved in the often harsh Australian climate, it is drought resistant, thrives in nutrient-poor soil and can even survive bushfires. Agapanthus is a perennial plant and will provide you with rich, green foliage all year round. During the spring and summer months, it will also reward your neglect with beautiful blue or white flowers.

To buy these three plants that will thrive on your neglect, head to a local wholesale nursery, such as Din San Nursery. The nursery staff can also help you to choose a selection of other plants to add to your low maintenance and anti-green thumb proof garden.