The Benefits of Using Shade Sails in the Backyard

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If you're looking for a way to shade broad areas of your backyard, you could consider shade sails. These structures consist of large fabric pieces connected to poles, nearby trees, or building elements. Here are several benefits of using shade sails in your backyard.


Shade sails create an attractive sculptured form of roofing. They come in various shapes, like squares, triangles, and rectangles. Typically, the poles that the sails connect to at each corner are of varying heights. For example, if you're setting up a rectangular shade sail, the two diagonally opposite poles could be lower. This creates an attractive twist within the sail. Some shade sails have different colours on either end so that the twist or directional change of the sail is combined with a shift in colour from red to blue, for example.

Shade sails can also create a traditional look. For example, set up a square charcoal-coloured sail and construct two lower poles on the same side to create a slope. This will allow the rain to flow off, and the sail will sit more squarely without a twist. Underneath the shade, you could arrange wrought iron tables and chairs on a slate paver patio. Thus, you can create various looks by altering the shape, colour, and set-up of the sails to match any type of environment.


Shade sails are adaptable as they can be installed anywhere in a back garden and they don't need to necessarily attach to a house. They're often used to create a shady spot at the end of a pool, for example. Alternatively, you could create a terrace in the middle of the garden and give it protection with a shade sail.

Other types of roofing options, such as retractable awnings, aren't as flexible. They usually need to be attached to a building rather than be stand-alone. Shade sails are also more versatile than moveable gazebos, as you can set up the sails at different heights and use various shapes and sizes. You can also attach corners of the shade sail to a sturdy tree branch or other elements.


The sails come in different fabrics that block UV rays, thus helping to protect your skin from damage and cancer. As well, you can use breathable fabrics that let the breeze flow and the rain trickle through. This will prevent water from pooling on top of the shade sail.