The Benefits of Vertical Blinds in a Home

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If you're looking for a blind option for your home, you could consider vertical blinds. Several benefits are outlined below.

Compact and Versatile to Open

Vertical blinds can cover vast window expanses, but they form a compact block once you pull them to the side. On the other hand, curtain folds take up a lot of space, even when pulled open. Additionally, you can open vertical blinds to the left or the right or the middle, providing extra flexibility. Thus, if you have a door at one end of a wall of glass openings, you can draw the vertical blinds to the other side.

Elegant Appearance

These blinds form elegant window coverings, particularly across extended doors and windows. The repeating vertical lines help evoke this impression. Vertical blinds also give the appearance of a high ceiling, and they tend to make windows look larger, particularly when the blinds extend to the floor. Conversely, horizontal Venetian blinds have a horizontal emphasis, and the slats are typically shorter than a vertical blind length, so they don't convey the same classy look.

Material and Colour Alternatives

Vertical blinds are available in numerous fabrics and materials of different weights and thicknesses. Some vertical blinds use a sheer curtain-like material that gives the window a floaty feel. You'll also have a choice of colours to match the blinds to your wall paint, window frame, or other room elements.

Suits Expansive Patio Doors

Vertical blinds suit wide expansive patio doors, as their vertical strip structure can be repeated without becoming too heavy or looking too fussy. On the other hand, Venetian blinds are more limited in terms of the width of the opening they can cover, as they can grow too heavy and unwieldy. Additionally, to cover a series of doors, you typically would require several Venetian blinds, which will create a cluttered look in any case, as the wall of blinds will then feature repeating horizontal and vertical lines at the blind edges.

Light Control Options

Vertical blinds allow you flexibility in controlling light flow and privacy. Of course, you can pull them to the side to reveal an outdoor view and allow daylight to flood indoors. You can also angle the blinds to filter the light to create mottled and soft illumination as the sun peeps between the slats. To darken the room, close the blinds entirely. Some models use a material that filters the light when you angle the slats flat with one side facing indoors. But when you turn the slats to close on with the other side facing, the slats block the light.

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